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Install Almalinux 8.6 OS on Virtualbox

Almalinux8.6 Download:

  • We will install the server version that’s why we will download the minimal version of ISO. Click the link then the download will start.

Create Virtual Machine:

  • After downloading the ISO, open Virtualbox. You will see as below screenshot. Click on the New button to create a new virtual machine.
  • Type the name of your Virtual Machine and click the Next button.
  • Select the memory size for your Virtual Machine. Select a minimum of 1024 MB.
  • To create a virtual hard disk click the Create button. Then click the Next button. Now select Fixed Size and click the Next button. Now type the size amount and click the Create button.

Change the Settings:

  • Now select the virtual machine and click the Settings button.
  • From here you can do several things. Click System and then click Processor. Now increase the CPU limit. Set it to a minimum of 2 cores.
  • Now attach the ISO file which has been downloaded first.
    Storage > Empy > CD icon > Choose a disk file…
  • Now click the Network option and select the Bridge Adapter from the drop-down. Then your computer’s network will be shared with the virtual machine. Then click the OK button to save the settings.
  • It is time to start the virtual machine. Cick the Start button.

Install Almalinux8.6:

  • Now a new window will open in front of you. There, click the Up Arrow ⬆️ button on the keyboard, select Install Almalinux 8.6 and press Enter.
  • Another very important thing – after clicking on this new window, your mouse cursor will not leave the window. In that case, press the Ctrl button on the right side of the keyboard.
  • Now some code will run on the screen. It’s like a hacking scene in a movie. Then you will get the language selection option. English is selected by default. So there is no need to do anything. Click the Continue button.
  • Now click on Installation Destination. Then you will see a screen as below screenshot 2. If you click the marked disk, it will be deselected. Click again to select. There are two options below, Automatic and Custom. If you want, you can select Custom and give a custom partition to the disk. For now, I will install it with Automatic partition. So without doing anything else I am clicking the Done button.
  • Now enable the network by clicking on Network & Host. From here you can set the hostname of your server. Type the hostname and click on the Apply button and then click on the Done button.
  • Here two options are still red. Set the password by clicking on Root Password. If you have used a simple password then click the Done button twice after setting the password. Then you can create a user if you want. I am not currently creating any users.
  • I started the installation by clicking on Begin Installation. Installation has started. The Reboot System button will be active when the installation is complete. After rebooting the system, the work is done.
  • After rebooting, you will see a login page. Here, type the username root and the password you gave during installation and press Enter to log in to the server.

Almalinux8.6 OS Installation is done on your virtual machine. If you have more questions, you can comment. Or can leave with a thank you.😊

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